A Day In The Life Of The Kemistri Team


1) Up at 6am watching Bloomberg, CNN and analysing the markets

2) Check the parameters of the algorithms, which algorithms deployed across which accounts

3) Breakfast whilst reading the Financial Times and world news

4) Check phones for messages from our international client base as well as development team


5) Meetings for the day begin, managing client queries, onboarding new clients, talking to referrals

6) Daily stand up meeting with the development team about a current algorithm they're working on

7) Check demo and smaller live accounts for some of the experimental algorithms we're working upon

8) Continue watching the various currency pairs our algorithms are trading upon

9) Monitor some of the manual trades we personally make to keep our sword sharp

10) Discussing the movements on the markets with our inside circle of traders

11) Work through recommendations of traderes to look at building algorithms around them if they meet the Kemistri standard

12) Continue to monitor the markets and identify any trends we spot as well as potential for a changing market


13) Discuss these different conditions as well as the health of client accounts across the course of the day

14) Finish up the last of client calls

15) Have an EOD team debrief about the day, the economic events, trading activity and plans for the next day

16) Finish, head home, sleep, wake up, repeat 🙂